Coaching for Teams and Groups

Team Coaching

If the individual is the wealth of an organization, the team is its goldmine.

In an ideal team, people bring their individual contributions together, to focus their energies on working together toward common goals, .

Easier said than done.

We start where you are and help you move to where you need to be.

So many teams have received copious amounts of excellent and expensive training which ends up on the shelf, rarely to be touched again. Because we understand you want to make the most of your resources, we work with you to make learnings practical over the long haul creating and sustaining the real change you want and need.

Every team, and each individual in that team, is a complex and powerful combination of strengths, experience and skills.  We work with you to identify these strengths and also the challenges that get in the way of great teamwork. With the use of powerful, time-tested tools we help to bring out the best in each individual so that their combined contributions produce higher levels of performance and collaboration.

Group Coaching

In Group Coaching, the main difference is that the people who form the group may not be members of the same organization or department and so may not share the same specific goals but enter into coaching to further their individual goals which they work to advance in a group setting, having the benefit not only of the coach but of the insights and experience of the others in the group.

Group Coaching is for people sharing a similar role or position within different organizations, such as managers who are dealing with similar challenges and are looking to understand and develop their management style.

Group Coaching is also helpful for people with similar goals, for example those wanting to work toward a promotion or who have been newly promoted, who can cross-pollinate for surprising positive gains.

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Team and Group coaching helps

  • energize great work
  • move from theory to action
  • move from sporadic temporary fixes to new habits
  • sustain momentum
  • improve relationships
  • make lasting change more quickly
  • measure progress
  • increase innovation and creativity

We’d be happy to chat with you to see if Team or Group Coaching is right for you