Executive Coaching

How do you build a thriving organization?

Organizational culture is forged in the C-suite.

How do you lead with vision and strategy, increase results without getting pulled into the minutia, deal wisely with conflict, interact with empathy and inspire confidence in your people and your stakeholders?

Our clients in high-responsibility roles experience the pressures of handling the complexities of multi-layer demands and while being able to flex and adapt to relentless change, maintaining personal integrity and ethical standards.

At Heart of the Matter, we’ve had the privilege of working with successful people who have become even better at thriving in their role by improving how they lead themselves which results in getting better at leading their people and their organizations.

Through our coaching we help you

  • develop executive presence in mindset, action and communication
  • create a culture of engagement and ownership
  • understand your drivers and motivations
  • contribute your expertise
  • wisely exercise authority
  • prioritize among competing demands
  • reduce stress and find needed margin
  • save time
  • walk the talk
  • create a legacy you can be proud of

Our programmes are flexible to the depth and speed you need, for immediate impact and sustained momentum in change.

Get in touch to find out more about our unique process.