About Mark Norman

Mark Norman has over 30 years of consulting, coaching and teaching experience. Specializing in human dynamics in the workplace, Mark assists leaders, teams, departments and whole organizations in developing positive cultures that get results.

Gary Hamel: The Transformation of Leadership


New workplace realities are changing the structures, compensation, and decision making of organizations, says Professor Gary Hamel in our conversation with him about the transformation of leadership. He predicts this dispersion of power "will happen small experiment by small experiment, where we start to say, 'What can we do? What can we do in our [...]

Gary Hamel: The Transformation of Leadership2014-11-20T18:54:38-04:00

Leaders as Learners


In a recent coaching conversation with a well-seasoned leader, I was struck by a conundrum he faced. He was working with an experienced team who seemed to constantly depend on him for decisions that, in his mind, they should have been able to handle on their own. We discussed the situation and the frustration it [...]

Leaders as Learners2016-11-06T11:33:41-04:00

Leadership Musings from the Sugar Bush


My life as a consultant can get pretty chaotic and sometimes unbalanced. Our home and the land around it provide me with the grounding I need to keep a level head. We look to the land for firewood, for the joy of walking in the forest, observing wildlife and, in late winter and early spring, [...]

Leadership Musings from the Sugar Bush2016-11-06T11:33:41-04:00

A great question for leaders


In the rush of production and high speed decision making, leaders sometimes underestimate their impact. When you lead, every conversation you have with staff, team members and colleagues carries on multiple levels. Through your conversations and actions, you’re constantly sending messages out about what really matters to you. People around you watch, listen and decode [...]

A great question for leaders2016-11-06T11:33:41-04:00